When Risk Program Administrators (RPA) merged with Gallagher, they needed a brand refresh. The RPA team worked with the agency Brand33, who refreshed the brand and created standards with color, imagery, typography, elements, and layout examples. These building blocks were passed to Gallagher's creative team to bring to life. 
Working with my creative team and the RPA team, I spearheaded expanding the RPA brand by utilizing the standards provided to design and build templates for our design team to use. During the process, I had the opportunity to build upon the brand standards by making decisions for how the brand elements were to be utilized throughout the materials. I created deliverables that were aesthetically cohesive, simple to use, and stayed true to RPA's professional yet friendly vibe as the brand continues to evolve. Below are some examples of the templates I designed for our teams to use.
Roles: Graphic design, Art direction  

Brand elements provided by Brand33

Print ad templates

Business cards

Presentation template examples

Whitepaper template examples

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